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Measuring and Fitting Instruction Videos:

Here are a series of videos to help you through the measuring and fitting process:

Click the YouTube button to see full sized video

Measuring Video 1: Measuring the Bust/Chest, Waist, and Hips

Measuring Video 2 : Measuring the Girth

Measuring Video 3 : Measuring the Arm Length and Width

Measuring Video 4 : Measuring the Neck

Fitting Video 1: Introduction to your Sloper

Fitting Video 2: Pinning in the Girth and Sides

Fitting Video 3: Pinning in the Sleeve and Marking Length

Fitting Video 4: Pinning in the Sleeveless Armhole

Fitting Video 5: Pininng in the Bra

Fitting Video 6: Marking the Neck Line

Fitting Video 7: Marking the Leg Opening

Fitting Video 8: Fitting the Skirt

Fitting Video 9: Fitting a Fringe Skirt

Fitting Video 10: Removing and Returning your Costume

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