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3 Entrepreneurs Behind Olympic Figure Skating Stars
Sports Illustrated

       Feb. 3, 2014 Issue

Check out all the great press with our costumes.  We are so thrilled.

Gracie Gold wearing our costume on the cover of Sports Illustrated

Fox News reporter Gabrielle Karol interviewed me for their article about the businesses behind the athletes.

Article by Melia Robinson

​Coverage of the 2014 US Nationals

11 Teenagers Who Could Be Breakout Stars At The Olympics
The Road to Sochi

by Maggie Hendricks

Media and Press Pg. 2

Article by Brian Lewis

Style Watch - Article by Alex Apatoff, reporting by Mike Fleeman

What's Olympic Figure Skater Gracie Gold's Good Luck Charm?

Ice Style.....Best Costumes of the ISU of Figure Skating Grand Prix Season 2013-2014: Ladies and Pairs

Calls our costume; "One of my Favorites"!

Ice Style.....Skate Canada 2013 Costume Recap Part One: Ladies and Pairs!

Awesome review of our costumes!

Project Runway's
Nick Verreos

Where Style Happens 

Project Runway's
Nick Verreos

Where Style Happens 


Ice Style.....2014 US Prudential Figure Skating Championships Costumes Recap: Ladies and Pairs Free Program

Calls our costume; "One of the Best of 2013"!

Article by the Globe Staff January 11, 2014

The Ice Rink Becomes the Runway for Female Figure Skaters
Project Runway's
Nick Verreos

Where Style Happens 

American Heros 2014


Gracie Gold

US Magazine
Collector's Edition

Market Place . ORG

"How much do Olympic figure skating dresses cost?"

Cute Interview by Ariene Hill  about Olympic Skating Dresses.


National Public Radio

"The Evolution of Women's Figure Skating"

I was interviewed by Ellen Colier on the changes in figure skating costumes.

Chicago Tribune
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