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I’m Gail Johnson and for the past 30 years it has been my passion and joy to work with athletes and performers to create costumes that make an impact.  


I have worked with performers at the top of their fields competing at Grand Prix international competitions and enthusiastic amateurs who perform locally just for the love of it.  

 I am a trained designer and artist and a skilled tailor.  But, beyond the technical aspect of sewing a garment, I understand what a performer needs.  Each discipline of performance has its own look and esthetic.  Ballerinas don’t want to look like Ballroom dancers who don’t want to look like Skaters.  


I have the experience to know what is “right” for each style and the design expertise to create something original and fresh within that genre. 


One of the most important skills that I bring to my designs is the ability to work with any size or shape.  I can sew from size 2 to size 42 and I will create a costume that fits, and flatters.


My daughter, Brywn Arlwyn Johnson has partnered with me and brings an exciting, fresh young eye to the design process.  She also brings her years of experience as a competitive Ice Skater, Rhythmic Gymnast, and Fusion Belly Dancer. 


Every costume is as unique as the performer that it was made for.  Each is a handmade piece of art that includes techniques such as hand painting and dying, beautiful fabrics lavishly hand decorated with beads, trim and crystals and clever appliqué and fabric manipulation techniques. 

If you can imagine it we can create it. 

Contact us and let us show you what we can do. 

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